12 Illustrations Showing That Love Is In Places You Do Not Look

Love can consume like a storm leaving nothing but with pieces of heart begging to be whole again. You can’t imagine how destructive it can be if it’s gone and similarly, you will be amazed at what beauty it can bring into your life.

Lynn Choi found a way to explain what love is really like. It’s in the small things. It’s in the corners. It’s basically everywhere.

Her illustrations will make you realize what we have been talking about all along. Have a look.


1. The most addicting thing for a human is another human.

2. And it’s worth everything it is claimed to be.


3. Taking care of the smallest of things.

4. Ensuring that the other person stays.

5. Because it’s beautiful.

6. Love is in holding each other when no one is looking.

7. Being close and doing messy things together.

8. Even when you fight with them.

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9. Sometimes animals get involved in the equation as well.

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10. The love just expands more and more.

11. You wonder what you did ever do to deserve it.

12. Especially in the festive season.