16 Pictures Of People Being Annoyingly Petty On Social Media

Sometimes when people behave in a certain way towards us that’s totally out of the box and annoying, it’s very hard to just ignore and move along. And they also plan to make the same mistake again and again, it’s like they do it purposely.

A certain type of people just don’t get the normal human basic behavior, it’s like their brain work in a certain way to just explode any normalness in them. For example, that creepy and weird landlord who always freaks you up by making weird show ups on your doorstep without any freaking reason.

That is what exactly we want to show, so we gathered such petty images of people trying hard but still loses at the end of being normal. Enjoy!



1. I can so relate to this.

2. Did she exactly count the number of grains?


3. Wow, the change is very visible.

4. Well, at least they’re honest about it.

5. Did the owner went like, “this is my side!”

6. Such a workload of the savage!

7. Wow, does it have a name and all?

8. The photoshop game is wild.

9. Someone’s been digging the mud.

10. Haha, when they still have a backup sarcastic line.

11. I wanna see how long is his pout!

12. Are you for real dude?

13. I am so wanting to see how his brain works.

14. You messed with the wrong girl bruh!

15. This guy has some serious talent for holding grudges.

16. “We don’t talk anymore!”

(h/t: Pleatedjeans)