17 Pictures that only Dirty Minded peeps Will Laugh on

If you ever come across a quote, a picture or any sorts of ad that shows and tells us something, but we see something totally different instantly which may not be that holy. Say, for example, F_ _ K.

See, what you have in mind is not the modest one, the word is actually FORK!

It doesn’t necessarily mean we have a nasty mind, it’s just that we go for the nastiest options first, get it? To have a dirty outcome when you first see a picture is not our problem, we have a brain which triggers all types of vibes so it’s okay.

Here are some pictures where you can try and see how dirty your mind can get. Just another hilarious game!



1. So, its basically buy 1 get 2 free!

2. Is the blonde lady Pamela Anderson?


3. The parents must be proud!

4. Okay, first of the ad company should be banned!

5. It’s not my eyes, the slide is made that way!

6. Does this mean I’m not innocent?

7. Wonder how the whole movie is?

8. No, I don’t think any girl we’ll respond to that!

9. He said that on January 17, 2017… that was fast.



10. And I’m like, why? How is this not obvious?

11. Holy moly, say what?

12. This Doc is such a savage!

13. Oopsies… so that’s where the wind came from!

14. It’s from the Bible, so yeah sounds legit!

15. Does the shape of the balloon look familiar?

16. Must be one hell of a balloon giraffe!

17. Is that a metal bulge?

(h/t: TheChive)