20 People Share the Ridiculously Hilarious Incidents they Witnessed in High School

None of us are happy with the way the school system works. Let’s face it, almost none of our parents had enough money to send us to a school where they teach you how to become a world leader. So off to public school, we went. It does not matter where you went, we can pretty much guarantee that high school was one of the most traumatic experiences of your life.

You aren’t the only one. We all had that one “incident” at our school that was so messed up that it is seared into our memories. Buzzfeed writer, Katie Notopoulos asked Twitter users what their incident was.

The replies are nothing short of magical.



1. I wonder who was more embarrassed, the cop or the student?

2. Senior pranks require resolve, dedication and a not-so-healthy disregard for life.


3. Well, I bet he was a legend among his peers for a while there.

4. What is life without that one extremely extra person in it?

5. Oh, wow. Which soap opera was filmed at your high school?

6. The real question here is, what happened to the father?

7. This must have been very funny to watch. Not for the child of course, but rather for the other kids.

8. I hope she smacked him silly, after they expelled him.

9. Is this the type of society that we live in now? Where responsible teenagers are called out because they made a good decision?

10. That is not a senior prank, that’s a Saw movie.

11. What a satisfying moment that must have been for you.

12. What a sick, sick individual.

13. Obviously this guy has his priorities straight.

14. This is the type of pranks that go dow in history. Confuse, don’t abuse.

15. I am starting to become legitimately concerned about the welfare of teenagers.

16. Were they ever caught?

17. This is all very fascinating but the biggest revelation is that “Mean Girls” was based on a book?

18. Chaotic evil.

19. I disapprove of food fights. There are so many other things that you can fight with. Why waste food?

20. “How to get away with murder” levels of problem-solving right here.

21. Now that’s Ingenuity.