20 Stupid People who will Literally Make you say “Wow”

In life, a lot of things will disappoint you or make you feel that they are just not worth it. Don’t ever second judge your instincts in such cases. Especially, when it’s the matter of a person. As much as human beings like to term themselves as the smartest of the living beings, it’s a fact that no other being can be worse than them either. It’s a bitter fact but it’s true, you know it.

So, just to keep you more aware of the kinds of people who are sure shot going to bring you some major disappointment, we are representing this list. You can also refer to this list as “A savior of your time & energy from unwanted people”. Because what’s greater than our time and energy, anyway?

It’s now time for you to take a look at these worst kinds of people.



1. Well, only an evil human can act so cruelly with a pizza.

2. Who are these insane new creators? Please exit the world now.

3. Sleeping is like meditation & you’re not allowed to disturb someone when they are meditating.

4. There are some people who just can’t respect the very thing that causes life.

5. Whether you are sockless, with socks or with your shoes on, you don’t deserve to be sitting there.

6. Parents who are teaching such lessons, need to be locked actually.

7. Where do such “generous” people come from?

8. Woh! That looks like a work of a cunning man.

9.   Science 101 Murder



10. Would like to be wished on your 50th birthday this way?

11. People like him should seriously be banned from planes.

12. Meet this lady of chaos.

13. Well, if you know who this mustard man is, kindly contact the veteran.

14. Yeah. People tend to do this so often at supermarkets.

15. How can he even do that!


16. It’s not sweet to have no insurance & it’s definitely not sweet to run away.

17. This hits right where it burns.

18. Nothing could have been sadder than this Merry Christmas cake.

19. Dad’s & their sense of humor can really be killable at times.

20. Ok. This guy has totally lost it.

(h/t: PleatedJeans)