2018 Is Just Started and People Are Already Failing With Life Miserably

A friend quoted to me, “I’d try to make a New Year Resolution that is achievable”. I laughed out thinking, okay so we’re now basically trying to compromise with this one as well. You see, making a NY resolution and not being able to pursue it has become a common joke that everyone loves to tell. And I also understand why my friend said that line, maybe he is fed up with trying to do things that are beyond his limits.

Some of us fail so hard even in the smallest steps that we can’t help but just laugh it off and wonder. Either it’s about starting a healthy diet or making some strict rules, it’s hard as we know, ‘old habits die hard’.

Here are some 2018 fails from the internet literally like a day or two after the New Year.



1. In 2018, the doors get smaller, it’s true!

2. Like a pro! It’s okay, you’ll be nailing it by December.


3. Ahh, you’ll be alright as long as it ain’t Starbucks.

4. Alls well, she didn’t light up the house.

Maybe 2019 will be my year 😏😞 #2018fail #dontplaywithfirekids

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5. Great, I’m over 100 years old!

6. Haha, mug with a mugshot, very clever brother.

7. She must be hitting the 72-hour deadline pretty hard.

8. Why don’t you make, getting your own Netflix as the new year resolution, right boys?

9. Tell me about it! Btw you can jump to Diet Coke.

10. Sober up, MJ! Maybe then crying would seem more reasonable.

11. Even the gas stations can be confusing at times.

12. How is Holcomb realistic than Fisher?

13. Thank God I’m not in school anymore.

14. Yeah, we see that happening very well.

15. May the odds be ever in your favor!

16. What? That’s nothing, I do it every day.

(h/t: TheChive)