This Man Gave His 3-Year-Old Daughter A DSLR, The Results Are Amazing

It all started when Jason had to dig out his old 40D DSLR and hand them to his tiny 3-Year-Old daughter because he couldn’t deny the child’s interest in what her daddy does. He thought it wasn’t a bad idea at all and that’s how the journey began of this father-daughter duo behind the shoots.

We thank Jason Porter for sharing his daughter’s and his beautiful experience.



Her tiny hands could bearly lift the camera.

He started her out on technical details, AV at f/2.0 with 400 ISO as it would cover both indoor and outdoor shooting. After that, he said to her daughter “just put [the subject] in the middle square and press click!

She started taking pictures after pictures and when her dad saw it he couldn’t help but adore his child’s inborn talent. Here are those pictures with a minimal amount of editing and light enhancement given by the father.

She loves taking pictures of her parents.


At such a young age its hard to even fathom the spark and fun she’s having with a machine that has its own different world.

It’s amazing how pictures can be related to our stream of consciousness.

Her father says, “she doesn’t setup the shot — she just shoots and a few of her shots are legitimately emotive and interesting.”

Not everyone has the ability to find something they love doing and would pursue that in future.

It isn’t always toys for every child. Everyone is unique and to understand a child’s perspective you need to remove your inner core instinct to become as innocent as them, we were all once a child and what better way is there than for a child to show us his/her mind through images.

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