This 5-Year-Old’s Savage responses to her Father’s Questions is Cracking Up the Internet

Kids with their quirkiness can be a handful at times. Okay, maybe more than just a few times. Now, imagine having four daughters. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? James Breakwell should know better because he is actually a father of four daughters.

Their ages vary from 5 to 8. He is a usual tweeter and hence, he keeps the world of internet updated with whatever smartass conversations he is having with his little princesses. To say that they outsmart him will probably be the understatement of the century. Well, frankly they outsmart every one of us.



1. Finally, a question that is important.

2. Talking in the language of a dinosaur that wears a hat.

3. The hardcore truths no one wants to say.

4. Inflation and a 5-year-old cannot share one room.

5. She knows who she wants in her life.

6. Ninjas are fast with the cookies.

7. Frankly, pizza doesn’t know that.

8. Self-learning is a priority.

9.  He helped with the instructions but at least he helped.

10. So tired of the repeated routine.

11. This explains everything. Plus, dogs should be allowed.

12. A degree that is good for nothing.

13. Who cares about boys?

14. Winter is here.

15. Nothing like too many cupcakes.

16. Let her win, James.

17. Elsa does what Elsa wants.

18. A girl needs some time.

19. Losing sleep over this is so worth it.

20. Having zero nice to give at the moment.