A Serious Accident Made this Woman Write the Best Makeup Tip and The Internet Loves Her

Certain things in life stay the same way they are while others change. Well, actually everything changes. Change is the only constant thing in this universe but it doesn’t have to stay that way when it comes to the eyeliner you have been using.

Shelby had an accident 9 months ago. Fortunately, she is safe and sound. However, the other thing that remained safe during that accident was her eyeliner. Hence, she had to share it with others. Understandably, people freaked out. Turns out, we all need to change our eyeliners.



Meet Shelby Pagan, a 25-year-old nurse, and a part-time stunner.

Emergency Room Nurse by day; Fire-Rescue by night ?

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She lives in Boston and about nine months ago she had an accident.

Shelby is completely fine now. However, some time back she shared a post on her Instagram feed. Have a look:

“I took a selfie after my accident to send to my mother who was worried and in case the police would need it for evidence in the future,” Pagan said.

Did you notice the way her winged eyeliner stayed winged?

Apparently, a few other people noticed it as well.

“A few days later I shared it to Instagram to tell my story and everyone kept commenting how good my makeup looked despite the accident,” she said. “So I decided to give credit where it’s due and write the review on Kat Von D’s website.”


This review is a detailed analysis of the product she uses and how it survived not only the car accident but also her never-ending tears.

“As a nurse, I work 12-hour shifts and am willing to pay more for makeup that lasts and works,” said Pagan. “So I wanted to share that this makeup is no joke for other people looking for quality products like me.”

A shopper stumbled upon Pagan’s review and couldn’t handle the fact that her eyeliner stayed intact in the neck brace.

One more user of the product named Madeleine Dunne confirmed that the product was spot on.

Some users wanted to know about the setting spray Dunne uses.

While others were just stumped.


Ummm what? Not a deer accident!

Now, that’s simply too much.

“Girl, when you find a good product, you have to share the info”.

Thank you, Shelby, for enlightening us.