You Might Be Adjusting The Side View Mirror Of Your Car All Wrong Until Now

You get in the car, get your seatbelt on, turn on the ignition and move ahead on the road starting your day as per usual. The first thing you notice as a driver I think is the rare view mirror and the wing mirrors, you don’t touch them but you just check whether they are in place.

This happens because of our human instinct, we have a 180-degree range of eyesight but we gotta be alert in 360 degrees as that’s what the traffic rules demands.

So, when it comes to the mirrors in our vehicles, how do we know if it’s positioned correctly?



Here are some quick tips we’ve gathered that’ll solve these normally ignored but important rules which are crucial for a driver to know.

Whenever we place the mirror in a wide angle view it reduces the blind spot, which can be dangerous for cyclist and pedestrians who are very near to the car won’t be visible. And sometimes when the mirrors are placed at an angle too far you can be blindsided by a takeover from behind or when someone comes out of a junction.


Keeping all that in mind, the best way to position your mirror is to place them parallel with the horizon so it reflects right in the middle of the wing mirror.


And if a small part of the side of the car is visible, showing the back door handle to the boot, you’re good to go.


And one more basic tip is to check your placement even if its auto adjustable, so as to not bump your wheels while parking. Also keep in mind that if you are sharing a car, I know it’s annoying but you gotta check and adjust them every time.


We hope you got to learn something new and useful that’ll come in handy while you drive.

(h/t: TheSun)