20 Bored Adults Coloring The Pictures Much Better Than Kids

It has all happened to us. While over at a relative’s house, we got bored because apparently, we aren’t ready for adult conversation yet. You can’t be on your phone because it is rude and your older relative will probably smack you or lecture you. You try and ignore the kids running around you and begging you to join their games. Because you aren’t that immature.

And then you spot it. Lying there, discarded by all the little kiddies. A single coloring book and a million gnawed on crayons. You try not to get too excited as you reach for it. You can’t help it though. You pick up a crayon, find a suitable picture, and this is the result…



1. I haven’t watched this version of Snow White yet… Seems a lot more interesting though.

2. A million conservative parents just had a collective aneurysm.

3. Not all of us have artistic talent, okay!

4. This is Bruce Wayne’s more fabulous cousin, Throckmorton Wayne.

5. Finally! Our childhood is complete at last.

6. “They were King and Queen of Gotham city, and God help anyone who disrespected his Queen.”

7. Not sure what that would sound like, but sure, okay.

8. Turns out those mice were a very bad influence on poor old Cinderella.

9. The Wicked Witch of the West: The Prequel

10. I don’t know about you, but I prefer Ariel with red hair.

11. The episode where Swiper framed Dora for a crime she didn’t commit.

12. Hey, if a girl’s gotta eat, a girl’s gotta eat.

13. American Vader.

14. Let the poor fairy go! Wait, which episode of “Once Upon A Time” is this?

15. Yeah, this would not go down well with fans.

16. Whoever did this is definitely not ready for the adult table yet.

17. “We all have cookies down here…”

18. Do you want to play a game?

19. Hey, that means those little mice are his suicide squad.

20. How dare you turn Joy into Cersei Lannister? Not cool man!

21. Wow… nice, Ariel.

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