16 Amazing Things From Japan That Should Be In Every Country

Japan is the land of innovation and endless possibilities. The country is known for their efficiency and amazing ingenuity. It has long been a widely accepted fact that the country is miles ahead of many other countries, and they have given the world many gifts. But sadly, the rest of us are more behind than we ever realized.

And just to rub it in, we have gathered 16 of the best innovations that haven’t found their way to the rest of the world yet. Sigh in envy when you realize all the amazing inventions that are available to the Japanese that will take years to get where you are in the world.



1. Soda cans for the blind. Each can of soda has the name of the soda in braille, to make the lives of the blind easier.

2. Pod hotels. These hotels are a cheap way to catch some comfortable sleep before going on your way.


3. To prevent sicknesses from spreading, you can get free tissues on the street!

4. Toilets have multiple functions and are practical for disabled people too.

5. Feeling stressed? Head over to a cat cafe!

6. Taxis have automatic doors to save time. No more awkward fumbles!

7. You can get literally anything at a vending machine, no joke.

8. These double-space parking spots save time and space!

9. Overhead petrol pumps save you from the frustration of being too far from the petrol pump.

10. These heated tables double as the snuggliest nap cave in the history of man.

11. Musical roads play soft notes of music as you drive over them.

12. Public trains have foot spas for relaxation.

13. Most public places have these convenient wedges for your handbag.

14. There are announcement systems that play calming music when announcements aren’t being made.

15. They have these gadgets that feel like bubble wrap so that you can pop bubble wrap when you’re stressed.

16. And finally, sleeping at work isn’t only permitted, it’s encouraged!

(source: Youtube)