Art Looks So Stunning In Advertisement Places That You’ll Love It

Have you ever wondered how powerful the impact of art would be if it was allowed in the spot slotted for advertisements? People would actually stop and look at something worthwhile. It may even inspire young kids to think creatively while some might actually wish to become an artist. An Instagram page named Art in Ad Places in doing exactly this. The artists of this page create spectacular visual arts or some meaningful quotes and place them in phone booth’s space. We have shortlisted 16 amazing artworks created by this page that is bound to blow your mind.



1. An interesting portrayal of a redhead girl.

The creator of this artwork is Kristen Liu-Wong.

2. You can always get yourself out of a situation.


Jim Houser is the creator of the visual.

3. Are you reading the wrong news?

Titled as “No Future”, this visual is made by Shepard Fairey.

4. Because sometimes words are enough.

The artist, Cheryl Pope, took inspiration from the voice of a Chicago Youth.

5. Of dreams, aspirations, and longings.

Photo by jessxsnow,

6. No logos, no captions only good visuals.

Jon Burgerman, a popular artist on Instagram, created this piece.


7. Truly magnificent detailing in this one.

Artist, Tina Lugo, titled her work as “I will never sin again”.

8. No one will keep their eyes shut while crossing such amazing artwork.

Mel Kadel, the artist of this work, is popular for her vibrantly created visuals.

9. This portrait is larger than life and way too realistic.

The artist, Nicomi Nix Turner, named her artwork “LSD and The Devil”.

10. A revolutionary flag placed perfectly.

Created by Jonathan Gardenhire.

11. Exposing the terror of upper-class people in this one.

Titled “It is better to be lazy” by Emily Lombardo.

12. Simply perfect, in every sense.

Made by Hank Wills Thomas and ForFreedoms.

13. Happy moments bring joy to others as well.

Andrea Sonnenberg, the artist behind this picture calls herself a civilian photographer.

14. Such thought proving quotes are needed.

By artist, Candy Chang.

15. The good old times carried their own air of serenity.

Martha Cooper, the artist, took this picture back in c.1980.

16. Catchy visuals and amazing concept.

The visual is created by Jeremyville.