Artist Makes the Cutest Artworks which are Funny and Relatable at the Same Time

If you are a graphic T-shirt lover you’re in the right place. Also if you don’t like it, not a problem you can just sit back and enjoy the art. Since the beginning of animation in cinema, we have seen a humungous evolution in the field of cartoon characters. Their main purpose is to grasp pop culture and allow people to entertain with cute and funny illustrations.

Artist and designer Nacho Diaz a.k.a Naolito hailing from Spain has contributed his talents in this field of work by forming his very own piece of cute pop culture designs and founding in 2009 to showcase them. His artwork consists of very quirky and relatable scenes that are very admirable and likable for the young generation. His fan following has been increasing now reaching 83.5k followers on Instagram. His designs and drawing are worth a look, enjoy!



1. Every man has a baby face under their ‘No Shave November beard’.

2. Breathe in, remain still, Click!! Pheww!


3. Man, those burritos are worth a fiery stomach.

4. Bitter truth?

5. Definitely an A+ for this one.

6. You feel it too, don’t you, fully charged?

7. Beach burn is the best burn.

8. And the sole reason why I don’t trust hairdresser.

Just the dead ends!! #beforeafter #cute #haircut #funny #kawaii

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9. Haha, this one is so cute, I’m dying!

10. You know, all that confetti does help most of the time.

11. That push part seems so legit, I want one too!

12. The upside-down curve of a smile.

13. And you think Highschool was hell.

14. Yep, extra 20 years added instantly.

15. Kinda true if you think about it, yikes!

And you like it 😜 #tea #funny #cute #kawaii #cuteness #lol

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16. Ahh, this one is genius, so relatable.

You know that feeling… #queue #funny #clouds #kawaii #cute #awesome

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17. No matter what species you are, all grandmas just have one job.

18. And that was how the game, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissor’ was formed.

For more pictures, you can go visit Naolito’s Instagram account here.