This Artist Depicts His Struggle As A Parent By Creating Funny Duck Cartoons

Suffering is a part and parcel of parenting. Of course, I meant it in an adorable way (Just kidding). Being a parent is not an easy thing and there are not enough words in this world to strain upon the extent of reality in that statement.

Cartoonist, Brian Gordon, is a dad. Hence, he understands what kind of horror-full responsibilities come with the job. He takes inspiration from his full-time role as a father and creates these amazing cartoons which he later uploads on his website Fowl language.

He creates all sorts of cartoons but the most popular amongst them is the parenting genre.

“My comics are largely autobiographical,” Gordon tells me. “I’ve got two kids who are 4 and 7, and often, what I’m writing happened as recently as that very same day.”



1. Nothing ever makes sense about the entire thing.

2. Being choosy about what they eat all the freaking time. They even choose the appropriate time to chew stones.


3. Their eyes miss no detail.

4. Parents are their best support system.

5. Change is the only permanent thing in the world.

6. Who cares about the rules? Kids make the rules!

7. Some fears are deep-rooted.

8. There’s a subtle appreciation in everything.

9. And you finally find the answer to your question.

10. You have your own personal version of the alarm clock.

11. Finding the best in every situation.

12. Nothing you ever say will help you win an argument against them.

13. At the end of the day, you are tired of anything. Even having fun.

14. Going back to square one.

15. You know all too well when the s**t is going down.