This Artist perfectly Describes the Problems that People with Anxiety Go Through

It would be wrong if we think everyone is happy with their own life. Even the wealthiest have their own sets of problems. Anxiety is one of the emotions that also rules over millions of young minds nowadays. The pressure of achieving certain goals, meeting the deadlines, making someone happy, all these can consume a person and spit it out through anxiety. It’s nothing new, we all go through it at some point in our lives, in fact, every month to be honest.

Most of the time people don’t like sharing their stories but this one talented artist, Pranita Kocharekar who had the same problem, used her artistic side to picturise the millennial problem and came up with a project called  “Acknowledge Anxiety” project. Have a look, it’s quite interesting and relatable.



1. Because you keep thinking, what if you’re next?

2. Mental peace is turning into a myth nowadays.


3. When you get so used to worrying all the time.

4. Indecisiveness is a common trait of anxiety.

5. Overthinking becomes a norm.

6. It’s also called being careful but yeah it goes that way too.

7. Bubbles of questions just start arising.

8. The emotional attached to games.

9. Do not ever go to google search in times of medical doubt.

10. Tiny details are the ones that bug us the most.

11. Because no one is that accurate with time but you!

12. Phobias will probably increase in numbers.

13. Oh, there are many scenes of how this ends.

14. Or the stove? Or the Shower? It’s endless.

These illustrations are very delightful because they are so true in all spectrum. Let’s hope it helps people to see their problems clearer and know that they are not alone in this journey.

(Source: HuffPost)