Artist Illustrates His Everyday Struggles With His Wife in Funny and Relatable Comics (New Pics)

You must have heard about the famous comic collection called, “One of Those Days” by artists Yehuda Adi Devir and his wife Maya who are both illustrators and graphic designers hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel. The whole collection went super viral due to their relatable content about the everyday life of a couple. Now they are Instagram famous with 2.4 million followers. Their quirky and comic illustrations about themselves is a success story that everyone needs see.

Recently the couple came up with new content and, yeah, they are always up to the mark and they get even better every time. You might think that they have reached the peak and can’t get any better than the previous ones but don’t decide that in haste, wait till you see what they have for you this time around.



1. After watching Infinity War, every wife will want a Thor-like husband.

2. “Umm…yeah it’s delicious (a bit hairy too)”.

3. “Our song is on the radio!”.

4. Fear of needle, aye?

5. “Hey, not fair! It’s my toy!”.

6. “Why does she always buy tiny umbrellas?”

7. Insomnia playing its part.

8. The overloaded shopping trips.

9. When wifey finally plans to make an Instagram account.


10. The beach will be fun she said!

11. Haunted by winter gains.

12. And sleeping like babies together.

13. The reason why women cut their hair after marriage.

14. She is so getting used to it.

15. Sometimes they get very sneaky.

16. “I know he likes it, no doubt!”.

17. It’s a war down there.

18. “You betrayed me!”.

19. “Almost there, babe! Just a sec”.

20. “Are you building a fort in there?”.