Russian Artist Hilariously Illustrates Girl’s Daily Life Issues in Sarcastic Comics

Aren’t we all tired of the famous saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it”. Because it feels so much better when you face those problems like a pro, you absorb them and then evolve it into a spectacular sarcasm. Self-deprecating is one of the famous weapons of the Millenials to fight any kinds of judgments, taunts, and unfortunate events.

Russian artist Anastasia Ivanova a.k.a ‘Stushona’ a 31-year-old comic illustrator based in Chelyabinsk creates amusing comical art that shows herself as the main character who tackles everyday difficulties of her life with sarcasm and self-irony. In her own words, “Through comics, I express my attitude towards the world. [I believe that] self-irony is the best way to deal with troubles.” So, why don’t we check out her works, shall we?



1. To escape in any way possible.

2. The love at first sight and fear at the end is utterly true.


3. Women have a way of camouflaging with cats.

4. Happens every freaking time!

5. Men are cute too, not only their pets.

6. Being lazy can take a toll on your bank balance.

7. Hate when this happens on the train.

8. Ice-cream just takes you to Unicorn Island.

9. The bed is just a big black hole, impossible to get out from it.

10. “I love my coffee just like my men, dark and strong”.

11. And all the makeup wasted!

12. Annoying tech freak boyfriends.

13. Very true, nothing like smores and coffee.

14. Self-realization is hard for most us.

15. A woman’s limbs are directly proportional to the tentacles of an octopus.

16. Okay, we get it, stop horrifying me Chick!

17. You see romance everywhere.

18. The tan-line is just as visible as the smug-face.

19. When coffee is more important than your Prince.

20. The bath of the modern world, I need one too.

21. Getting inspired by almost everything.

22. Yeah, a slap is very desirable.

23. This must have happened quite a lot.

24. The cat seems to know what is needed.

25. Yeah, the sweat and people, traveling by bus is a nightmare!

(Credit: Comicada)