Artist draws the Most Realistic Portraits of ‘Infinity War’ Characters, and Every MCU Fan must Have A Look

To all the fans of Marvel Comics out there, you guys must be stoked about the upcoming big release aren’t you? With all the preponing of the premiere and stuff, honestly asking how are things holding up because I am not patient for a single percentage at all. Until and unless I see Tony Stark, Dr. Strange and Black Widow in Infinity War which is releasing on  April 27, 2018, I think I’m just gonna hold in my diaphragm and wait for the big bang.

By the way, since the new movie, Avengers: Infinity War is coming pretty soon, why don’t we bid farewell to the previous parts and yearn for the greater future. So, for that, we have a very skilled Coloured pencil artist and author from Hungary named Jasmina Susak who is remarkably magnificent in her art and drawing realistic portraits. She loves drawing celebrities and familiar faces of Hollywood, and guess what, she happens to be a fan of the Avengers as well. Here are her drawings of the cast of the Infinity War.



1. The First Avenger, Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America.

2. Natalia Alianovna Romanova, elite female sleeper agents for Black Widow program.

3. The Magnificent Hulk.

4. Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, Tony Stark.

5. Doctor Stephen Strange, The Great Sorcerer.

6. God of Thunder, Thor the future King of Asgard.

7. Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan, adopted daughter of Thanos.

8. Star-Lord, one of the Guardians of the Galaxies.

9. The con artist turned superhero, Ant-Man.

10. James Buchanan Barnes, the winter soldier.

11. Loki Odinson God of Mischieve.

12. Black Panther, King of Wakanda.

Jasmina hasn’t created a portrait of Thanos yet. Anyways we didn’t want you to miss out on the greatest villain created by Marvel Comics, so here is a pencil sketch portrait of Thanos.

You can also get the artwork for $49.95 here.


These are more of her drawings of the same characters.

Captain America:


And that’s the red and gold, Iron Man.

And Spiderman of course.

For more information and details follow Jasmina’s website here and her Instagram account here.