16 Ironical Artworks that delineates our Inimical Addiction to Technology

The time for sending and receiving hand-written letters are long gone now. But imagine you get a letter or a postcard with lovely words written and sent to you by someone dear, how would you feel? If I’m not wrong, I think anyone receiving it would be over the moon happy and content. And why does it feel this way you ask? It’s because nowadays people don’t have the time to spare even for their family and friends. No one feels the need to be obligated in taking the time to make an effort, everything works with a click now.

Technology and social media have become such a big part of our life that we can hardly survive or move without it. There are Smart Tv’s, Smart Houses, Smart Watches, Cars, etc. Like we the humans are becoming a machine now while Technology and Intelligence are controlling us, it used to be the other way around though! To show you that rise of Tech and its addiction to humanity, here are some illustrations that will give you the mirror effect of what’s happening in the present world.



1. There is no more secrecy in the social media world.

2. Kinda makes me wonder about Jesus’s second coming as predicted in the Bible.

3. The phrase goes, “Picture worthy food”.

4. The modern way of tanning.

5. You ultimately stand out if you’re Tech free.

6. Which one are you? There are three hands!

7. Rooted, is the glorified version of addiction.

8. Playing Fifa on screen is the new sport.

9. The main reason for Insomnia in most cases.

10. Have your social accounts tied you down yet?

11. If there was a virtual substitution for food, people will just turn into robots basically.

12. Doses of your daily subscription to gossips and beef among people.

13. It’s funny how people are at a live show and still go live on their phones, like what type of social work are you doing?

14. Slowly the couch becomes a part of you and that’s just the beginning.

15. If it makes you feel nice at the beginning, not necessary that it won’t bind you all over.

16. Mobile phones are becoming the main priority.

(Credit: Facebook)