10 Amusing Artworks Perfectly Depicting If You Are In A Comfortable Relationship Or Not

We have all been in a relationship before. And the beginning of one is full of nerves and magical moments. It is what is called the “honeymoon phase”, don’t get us wrong, it is a wonderful experience. But, it does not last forever. There will be a sudden end to it, dragging both of you into reality.


How you react to reality defines whether the relationship will continue or not. Most crash and burn, ending in tears and breakups. Others go on for a year or two before it all sort of fades away. But some enter a special comfortable stage. One built on love and trust, and illustrator Mary Park shows us what that looks like.


1. You still get cutesy morning texts.

2. You know how to press each other’s buttons.


3. You don’t have to pretend or play games.

4. Personal space? What’s that?

5. You don’t have to be pretty and put together all the time.

6. You don’t need to be afraid of failure, they will still love you.

7. They know how weird you are, they won’t run away.

8. Every now and then, they irritate you. But you still want to be around them.

9. Want a relationship like this? All you have to do is…

(h/t: HuffPost)