This Is How You Can Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket

Traffic rules are one thing that everyone needs to be aware of. Just because you do not drive doesn’t mean that neglecting the rules is a perfect plan.

It is true that safety comes first in everything including the road, every driver has a lot of lives resting on his/her driving, and one little bump can create havoc which is just nasty. What if we get some insight on how to stay away from traffic polices and at the same time just enjoy a normal ride? Here are some road rules secrets we need to be aware of, revealed by the authorities that’ll keep us away from getting a ticket.



1. Do not speed up while you are in a Luxury Car.

When you drive a sports or a luxury car it gets the attention on the road that you don’t wanna come across. It’s better if you maintain the speed limit and don’t get yourself pulled over by a cop.


2. Never drive a beater car.

If you happened to drive one of those worn-out cars you will just attract yourself with cops behind you since driving a damaged car with no proper lights and basic parts is against the traffic safety rule.

Orlando Stocker/shutterstock

3. Do not speed up just for fun.

Because most road accidents have been due to this ignorant habit of speeding up, best case scenario is you might end up getting a speeding ticket which will ultimately lead you to the court to testify.

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4. Young Drivers are always being watched.

If you just passed your driving tests and got your license, well congratulations! But do keep in mind that it’s not so merciful on the roads. You’ll be treated the same.


5. Say no to distraction…

This is where most road accidents get their initial steps. It’s not that hard to understand that once you step in, in a car your life is at total risk and the more you pay attention to the road the longer you’ll live. And no! It’s no time to test your multitasking skills.

6. Don’t drive while having your mobile in your hands.

It doesn’t need much explanation, Using mobile while driving is an evil sin in the traffic world. You better not do it, speeding with distraction is not what you wanna be caught with.

7. School crosswalks.

Avoid any tension near a school crosswalk, you better just have patience because one step wrong, the next minute you’ll see five cop cars towards you. Yeah, they’re everywhere.

8. Fasten your seat-belts.

Cops can detect whether you’re wearing the seat-belt or not from a far distance, they have laser eyesight trust me! So do yourself a favour and strap it up. It’s also life-saving.

9. Pulled over? Don’t worry, there is a solution.

Do not panic, cops are human, don’t get down off the car before the cop reaches you because he might get intimidated, his safety is also at stake here. Tell the cops politely the reason you speed up, don’t fuss over it too much, just be calm and act normal. A slight hint of a suspect can get you in trouble.

10. Expired Registration is a no-can-do.

Whatever you do with an expired registration can get you into trouble. The best way is to renew it or just leave your car in the garage until you pull your life together. Who, in the right mind forgets their expiration date?

(h/t: MSN)