20 Awkward Selfies That Will Make You Go Speechless :|

The world of selfies is filled with some really good and some really really bad moments. The things falling in the former category are uploaded like a trophy on social media handles for the world to see but the latter one wins the internet with the mere absurdity of it.

For the record, people upload the selfie, no matter which side it falls on. There is a good probability of those selfies ending up in the below compilation. Just have a look and you will understand what I have been talking about all this time.



1. That’s the face you need in every picture.

2. Smile for the mirror, sir.

3. Monkey chasing is the way of life as of now.

4. A pretty dope background is all we can say.

5. You might be dying but don’t before taking a picture.

6. Look someone took boo’s snap while he was sleeping.

7. Let’s not even start with the background of this one.

8. Someone tell this person about TMI.

9. Drowning is not that big of a thing.

10. We only need one ear, anyway.

11. Eat his face. It’s a spare one.

12. True dedication: Taking the fall for taking the perfect snap.

13. Why are people so into this selfie game?

14. I do not understand their never dying dedication.

15. But maybe the two-headed dragon is inspiring them.

16. Stop! Do not take my picture while I am taking the picture.

17. The mere irony if it. *sighs*

18. The zebra is here and so are you.

19. Ravish the hair, little animal. Ravish it.

20. And this is what you people call… Perfect timing.

(Image source: Jam Press, h/t: TheSun)