17 Badly Written Signs That are So Hilarious & Horrible

“You are surrounded by signs, avoid none of them.”

This is a famous quote that should be given so much attention and what it is receiving is just not enough. Mostly for the reason that our brain first fails to register and then downright refuse the absurdity of certain things. But they are there. They are definitely there. The unfortunate-ness occurs due to the lack of interest people have in their jobs. No explanation, whatsoever.

And as for signs, there are abundant of them with nothing but failure plastered all over them. Have a look at them.



1. Every comma has a meaning.

2. Human error has become so common these days.

3. I don’t think that’s what they mean. Or is it?

4. That’s why going to school is important.

5. A vital piece of advice, indeed.

6. Maybe it’s a new kind of emoji.


7. Apologising for all the way.

8. Someone needs Google map.

9. never received such cheap free stuff in my life.

10. Because that’s what the rest of the human population is.

11. I have no idea how they will do that but okay.

12. KFC needs to clear this out.

13. The words mean so much.

14. This one is a very hairy form of education.

15. Okay KFC, what the heck is wrong with you?

16. This sign speaks up everything.

17. Making TMI officially a thing.

(h/t: TheSun) (Images’ source: TNI PRESS)