BBC Presenter Brushes Off 200-Year-Old Yellow Tarnish Off A 17th-Century Painting, and Its Pleasing

Philip Mould is an art dealer, BBC presenter, and an author. His job looks damn well easy with his twitter videos showcasing the process of art restoration. His handjob looks hypnotizing as he works his magic on 17th-century paintings. It’s amazing to see him brush off years of dust with the soft strokes.

The details available about the paintings are not a lot. All we know is that it is named “lady in red” and that she was 36 at the time portrait was made. You can see in the video that Mould is stripping the painting off the protective layer covering it that got yellow over the time. Painters often do so to bring out the original colours while restringing paintings and then recovering them with the protective layer.

Mould didn’t disclose the chemical he used. However, turpentine is used often amongst the art dealers for the restoration. They study the painting closely to decide the blend of whichever chemicals and solvents will work the best.
Have a look at how he wonderfully worked on a 17th-century painting to bring out it true colors. And very literally.

Mould worked on this painting to remove 200 years old yellow tarnish.

As the first video became an instant hit, he continued to document the transformation of the painting.

Gorgeous colors can be seen on display as he magically used the strokes of his brush to clean the yellow tarnish.

Tiny details on her dress could be seen as well.

Have a look at how dusty the painting looked before cleaning.