12 Before And After Photos Showing How Fast The World Changed

If you were alive, say, a thousand years ago, life would seem pretty ordinary. During your whole life (unless you were a king or queen of some sort) the technology, people and landscape would remain somewhat the same.

However, now, in the digital modern age, you often don’t have the time to stop and absorb the world around you and observe these changes. Because of this, the technology we use and the cities we live in seem to be growing out of control, too fast for us to grasp. Looking at these before-and-after photos, one can really see how far we have come in just decades, and can only imagine what changes we will see in the future. Can you still recognise the world of yesterday?



1. Here’s a familiar example to us start off: The iPhone. From 9 years ago.

Also an iPhone, from the present.


2. A silhouette many know, without a doubt: New York, 1964.

It’s been about 50 years since then, and one or two things may have changed… Okay, a lot has changed.

3. Once something only the super rich could buy, now something the slightly less rich can buy too. Can you guess it?

Believe it or not, these computers are made by the same company, just 30 years later. This is the Macintosh in 2014.

4. Now, you should know this one! A world-famous landmark, still in construction in 1998:

Looking a bit more glamorous (and upright), here is the London Eye in 2014:


5. Let’s take a step back. Here is the minuscule city of Shanghai, China, 1984.

Cut to 2016, and it may as well be a different city!

6. Some say that way back in the mid-2000s, people actually rented DVDs from this little site called Netflix.

Coming back to the present day (and reality), we can stream what we want, when we want.

7. The Marina District from 2005 disagrees with you. Where did the ocean go? Anyone?

When you think of Dubai now, you think gold-plated Lambo’s, Arab princes and blue seas.

8. Here’s a pic of a desalination plant in Abu Dhabi in the 1980s.

And after almost four decades, just look at the beautiful beachfront it transformed into.

9. Shanghai’s Pudong district in 1987 looked like this.

And now, it’s a picture of urbanization.

10.  This is Toronto’s skyline in the 1970s.

Just look at it now.

11. If you thought Google was always that high-tech, you are wrong. This is how the search engine looked in 1998.


And now in 2017, it’s the definition of the Internet.

12. Last but not the least, this is how reading messages on iPhone looked like back in the days.

And today iPhone X can transform your facial expression into Emojis.

(source: Independent)