24 Big Fat Lies That You Always Believed In, and It’ll Give You Trust Issues

While growing up as a child, we tend to be very curious about the things that surround us. But, sometimes we leave out certain things that we just blatantly believe what we see as if we’ve known it since the beginning of time. We don’t even try to ask how it works and why. Whatever it is we just let it happen.

But when the results are revealed to us accidentally and it doesn’t turn out to be what we imagined this whole time, it’s like our whole life was a big fat lie. During my childhood, I thought walnuts were actual mini brains, and you eat them to get smarter, well thanks for the lie, mom! We have some more instances like this that might open your eyes wide like an owl. Get ready to see some truth!



1. Great, now this is very hurtful.

We feel cheated on for some reason.


2. It’s all a marketing policy.

No matter what it was, any soap, shampoo, body soap, everything made me cry.


3. Why did you save the below part?

Oh wait, why am I even asking? Thanks for the trust issue!


4. So the leg bones of penguins are actually bent.

Their body can really cover up it so well.


5. And we thought they installed it one by one.

Of course, it’s 2018, we have unknown machines that surprises us.


6. It must have been like a revival.

All the geometric shapes do make one confused.


7. What kind of horses were you thinking about before?

In this case, I think it’s a little dumb to not know that, just saying!


8. And you thought it was a mushroom.

But it’s been a hat all along, noooo!


9. Truly said, the reality is an illusion.

People in the show business do exaggerate characters for all kinds of reasons.


10. Okay, let’s all go the room and cry together.

Haha, I’m actually trying it out and I’m shaking.


11. Did you think pickles grow on trees?

You gotta be really stupid, no offense though!


12. Omg, I have that same feeling too, what?

Now I’m realizing why did I even think that way in the first place.


13. Yes, it is deeply hollowed in the middle.

Would you buy it after seeing the truth?


14. If you think you had a special chef making your pizza.

Nope, it’s a machine making life easier.

My life is a lie!

15. Most people probably know this but still.

Man of steel flying like that seems so weird.


16. Michael Jackson’s famous anti-gravity leaning dance move.

It’s just another trick, look at this shoe.


17. When you think you’re having Italian croutons.

But it is made in the USA. Long live America!

The truth is out there

18. The ‘S’ on Superman’s chest doesn’t stand for ‘Superman’.

It actually stands for the house of El, that is the real family legacy of Clark Kent a.k.a Kal-El.


19. If you are a milk drinker, would you look at this!

I can’t, this is making me lactose intolerant.

20. Well, emojis are never used for their actual meaning anyway.

But this one really does changes everything.


21. To all the girls out there, tell me you knew about this.

Or are you just staring at the screen and dumbfounded?


22. Aha, this is smart, very smart, speechless!

When you don’t have the labour and budget to get it done the old school way.


23. Everybody knows about the Great Wall Of Chin.

But have you ever wondered where it ends? Your welcome!


24. It’s about time Mathematicians should be awarded the Nobel Prize.

What in the world did I just saw!