This Bookstore Creatively merges Faces With Book covers in Marvellous Symmetry

Famous for the Instagram series named Book Face, Librairie Mollat, has managed to attract 56,000 Instagram followers on its feed. The Book Face series merges the face of people with the book cover. How cool is that, right? Apparently, the staff of the 122-year-old Librairie Mollat creates trompe l’oeil portraits by merging together the faces of their employees with the book cover.

This helps in creating the perfect illusion and hence the audience is automatically wowed by the final product.



They do this using a number of different books like art books, magazines, novels.


Covers are placed in such a way that they merge with the person.


Creating the perfect illusion which sits well with the eyes.

While other stores might look old-fashioned, this one definitely has a modern touch to it.

Look at the perfect pictures? Isn’t it just amazing?

One cannot think that it’s not the face of the same person.

The eyes, nose and ears, everything seems to be in perfect coordination.

She looks so beautiful and charming.

Eyes are the window to the soul.

Just sitting there and posing like a pro.

Living the thug life with a cig as the companion.

Look what’s lying on the table.

“Oh wow! So many books”

And then the lovers lived happily ever after.

Sporting the best hairstyle ever.

How cool these glasses look on me!?

That vintage touch is simply awe-worthy.

The book is finally done.

(h/t: Instagram)