A Boy Born without Eyes is Demolishing the Social Stigma about Disabilities, and It’s Inspiring Everyone on Internet

Our world is a place where the humans are so demanding to see everything in perfect shape and posture. Somehow, people just fail to understand and accept differences. Not everyone is blessed with perfect anatomy and society finds it very hard to acknowledge this fact. For instance, when we see a person with a disorder, we instantly assume that they are not like us. So what if they have physical flaws, they are still human who have souls.



This is a story of a young boy who was born without eyes and eventually had to become a topic of public subjugation.

Six-year-old Christian Buchanan hailing from Woodbury, Tennessee is suffering from Tessier facial cleft with microphthalmia caused by amniotic banding syndrome. According to medical information, Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) occurs when an unborn baby becomes entangled in fibrous string-like tissue that restricts its blood flow. There are only 60 known cases of this disease in the whole wide world and Christian is one of them.

Christian was born with this disease but he is like every other boy of his age.


Due to his case that leaves large gaps in his face, Christian has always been using a feeding tube since he was 4 years old. He has also undergone numerous operations for facial reconstruction. Though the boy can’t see and talk properly his mother Lacey says that doesn’t stop him from living life like every other human being.

The boy’s mother Lacey knew that the world would obviously be cruel to her son but she wanted to use this opportunity to spread an awareness.

In Lacey’s words, “I want to share my family’s story to raise awareness for disabilities in general and specifically facial differences.”

“Just recently we had an issue, we were in a store and Christian was playing with a little toy in the shelf and a lady walked by and said, “eww”. He has heard people making certain comments. He hears kids say things like “Why does he look like that? What’s wrong with his eyes?”

‘I have always answered children in a very, positive, upbeat tone and I will say things like, “Oh, that’s just how Christian was born. That’s just how he was made.”

Christian graduated from Special Kids Therapy & Nursing Centre, in Murfreesboro which he attends once a week.

Though the boy has learned his way to adopt a dark world he is a very confident boy and loves reading. He is currently learning how to dress, attending a doing a Lego class, US geography class, and creative writing.

Christian also likes spending time with his younger brother Chandler and wrestles with him.

Apart from being home-schooled, he is learning to play the violin and on his way to claiming an orange belt in karate.

Lastly, Lacey adds, ”I want do away with those preconceived notions that people have about what it means to have a disability, what it means to have a facial difference and I hope that I’m fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding and respect for differences so that the world will just be a better place for Christian one day.”

We are in love with Christian’s energy and enthusiasm, the young boy’s spirit of positivity is worth for millions to be inspired. Hoping that this world will learn to embrace differences and make it a better place for every single one of us.

(h/t: DailyMail)