Ever Wondered What Your Busy Social Life Is Doing to your looks?

Our busy work schedule throughout the week and even busier weekend party plans are taking a toll on our health. You can say it’s the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. But in an era where social media almost plays us, it becomes impossible to turn down offers of being a part of the weekend party scene. Our Instagram feed seems incomplete if we don’t upload pictures of all the cool clubs we visited and new food joints we tried out. Basically, we all want to be the social butterfly whom everyone would love to envy.But the next time you think of sharing how cool your life is with the entire world, think about the beauty hazards it is causing you.


Stressful schedules = FOREHEAD LINES

Stress can lower our immunity causing wrinkles and acne break out. Following a healthy diet filled with antioxidants and reducing alcohol and cigarette can reduce pimples dramatically.

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 Social butterfly = POLLUTED SKIN

With pollution increasing at an alarming rate, we are breathing in toxic car fumes whenever we are out traveling. According to experts, city traveling might boost up our skin aging ten times faster and cause the formation of dark spots on our cheeks.

Staying indoors completely was never an option. Thus it’s advisable to invest in a good skin shielding cream like the Vitamin C 10 Day Glow-Boosting Concentrate.

 Binge-watching = DARK CIRCLES

And you might just be its latest victim! We understand that long office hours doesn’t let you watch your favorite Tv shows on a regular basis. Thus on weekends, you decide to grab a bucket of popcorn and go binge watching till late night. But did you know that this might cause premature aging of your facial skin as staying up till late night causes our skin to become dehydrated and lose its lustre. High energy visible light coming from these devices can easily penetrate our skin and cause DNA damage. To make things worse it even causes dark circles and fine lines.

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Meals out = BRITTLE HAIR

A balanced and vitamin rich diet helps us in gaining glowing skin and voluminous hair. However, most of the times while eating out we tend to skip on the nutrition part and gorge on processed foods and oily meals which actually lack the nutrition our body seeks.

Floradix Liquid iron and vitamin formula can help out by providing us with the much-needed vitamin and mineral content.

App addiction = NECK & JAW WRINKLES

When was the last time you checked your phone but didn’t log into your social media account at least once? Difficult question right? Maybe coz its impossible to do so. But did you know this constant looking down can accelerate the aging process of your neck and jawline and bring in early wrinkles?

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Late nights = DRY SKIN

Ever wondered how the term ‘Beauty Sleep’ got its nomenclature? Well while we are sleeping our body release the unwanted toxins and repairs itself. But if we don’t get minimum 8 hours of sleep daily then our skin becomes dehydrated and dull. Soon dark circles and wrinkles develop which surely is the worst nightmare for all of us.

Late nights tire us so much that in most of the cases we fall asleep with our makeup on. This can cause tremendous skin dryness and hoards of other problems.

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(h/t: https://www.thesun.co.uk)