16 Hilarious Cartoons Illustrations Depicting The Truth Behind Pregnancy

Pregnant- a word that either scares the heck out everyone around the world or makes you go gaga over the possibilities of a cute babe coming out of you. Yay to all that. We obviously adore the idea of having a pooping machine to have around the house. That’s not the topic of conversation here. Today we called up this relevant article discussion to understand how a woman feels while going through pregnancy. It’s gotta be difficult, right? The patience it takes and not to forget the amount of food.

Everything hits the roof and then gradually blew it away. Hence, we are going to show you.



1. You are so much about peeing that you actually start sleeping in the washroom. Just kidding. Or maybe not.

2. Start taking the hint.


3. Hairfall is not a problem anymore. It’s a synonym of it.

4. Nothing goes according to the plan.

5. That’s exactly how it works.

6. A story that’s not shared enough.

7. There’s definitely an upside to it.

8. The list is never-ending. It goes on and on.

9. The journey is quite an interesting one.

10. Your photo album is filled with memories.

11. Someone should give you a medal for something.

12. A how-to-do guide for everything.


13. Your brain is always on overdrive.

14. Because your emotions are all over the place.

15. This is when the reality sets in.

16. Summing it up so perfectly.

(h/t: Hippe-Geboortekaartjes)