Celebrities Read Out Mean Tweets About Jimmy Kimmel On His 50th Birthday, and They Are Very Brutal

James Christian Kimmel, the American comedian, writer, producer and television host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! celebrated his 50th birthday on Nov 13, 2017.

In honor of the host turning 50, the team of the show surprised Kimmel with a special edition of “Mean Tweets” which is one of their famous segment. In case you haven’t heard about it, the section was first aired on the show in 2012 featuring celebrities reading out tweets that fans directed towards them, which are mainly mean and rude comments on their physical appearances and lack of talents. The segment was created in honor of Twitter’s 6 year anniversary.



Happy Birthday Jimmy!

This time around the twist is that celebrities get to read mean tweets about the birthday boy and it did get really funny when big starts like Jenifer Lawrence, Stephen Colbert, and Kim Kardashian West stepped in for the showdown.

Here’s the video of the unapologetic disses about the 50-year-old.



And the one that got the likes of the fans around the world is when Reality Star Kim Kardashian West read a mean tweet from her husband Kanye West which was from 2013.

Well, it’s funny, inappropriate and savage all at the same time!

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The feud back in September 2013 was about an interview Kanye West did on BBCRadio 1 which Kimmel made a spoof recreating it with kids. And that’s how the tweet landed as a response from the rapper.

Well all is cleared now and everything is cool down now, later in the show celebs like Adam Sandler, Huey Lewis, Ray Romano and James Taylor joined in, in the episode to surprise the birthday boy in person whereas George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Jennifer Aniston appeared in the pre-taped sketches of the late-night show.

Though Kimmel is a bit monotoned during his monologue, we still love the show and wish him a happy 50th birthday!

(h/t: peopletvwatch)