16 Celebrities We Thought Will Never Have A Girlfriend

Never underestimate the power puberty. It can hit on some people so hard blowing their collective brain cells and genetics in one go while for others it acts as their fairy godmother. We are here to put light on the celebs who grew up into a version of themselves none of us expected them to be.

A meme went viral recently covering the similar theme. It’s so notoriously hilarious, you will be forced to either nod your head in approval or throw your head back along with a fit of laughter.

Let’s have a look at which celebrity made the list.



1. Liam Payne shocked quite a number of people.

2. We can’t talk about Daniel without breaking out in sweat.

3. How wrong that sketch man really was, huh!

4. Matthew Lewis is turning up the heat now.

5. Zac Efron, is that you?

6. Yeah, sketchy man you are wrong again.

7. We are drooling so bad.

8. A girlfriend? He has an awesome wife.

9. This hottie is taking it to the next level.

10. Puberty looks quite confused with this one.

11. Some things just never change.

12. No messing with the Iron Man, sketchy person.

13. The decision has been made.

14. Bruno Mars and his swag always win.

15. We so second this one.

16. Loki is the badass we all want.

(h/t: Pinterest)