Child Brutally Roasts his Teacher with an Abusive Letter and Twitter Users are Going Berserk

Kids these days do not necessarily fit in a box. Any box. They like to be all over the place, making sure that their existence is appreciated by all the younger and older versions of the human species. For instance, this older human stumbled upon a letter written by a younger human to her teacher.

While it might be deemed hilarious by some, the others were requesting the kid’s parents to send him/her to school for more hours.

Chuck it, this kid clearly has some issues with her teacher as the note which is being thoroughly penned down using all the emotions there is. Pointing out that the teacher is ‘unintellegant, unprofesional, uneducated, special eduacted narsasits,’ which is definitely not from the truth because this kid pointed it out.

People on Twitter, on the other hand, are having a rage over the note. Let’s check it out, shall we?



This is how it all started. A Twitter user shared the letter and bam!


The letter was shared with the fellow Internet users.


Let’s just say the content of the letter was not safe for all ages.


People didn’t fail to notice the line which caught my attention as well.

That’s one scary thought to have. No joke.

Proofreading would have been a good option here.

If it’s not there, we gotta create one ASAP.

It killed us as well, pal. You are not alone.

Everything apart, calling your teacher ‘unintelligent, unprofessional, uneducated, special educated marcasites, is not cool.

(Source: CheeseBurger)