Christina Aguilera Reveals her Looks Without Makeup and she looks so much pretty

Christina Aguilera, a name which has been a member of the famous big family that is Hollywood for a long time. We all know her pretty well and her face is definitely amongst the well-known faces that are there. But as we are recently realizing this, it might not be a fact.


However, it’s as if we are seeing her for the first time when she did a photoshoot for Paper magazine. I mean, just look at her being makeup-less, she is perfect.


We saw a new side to her which was a breath of fresh air amid the shuffling between the glamorous life and red-carpet moments.

The entire photoshoot focuses on a more vulnerable Xtina and not the powered up diva that she is.


And let’s just agree on the fact that freckled Christina won our hearts.

In short, people are absolutely in love with the beautiful diva.

She doesn’t fail at surprising us every single time.

We are thankful to you for existing, Xtina.

Keep the awesomeness coming.

Her freckles are inducing absolute power.

She has upped her game like no one else before and she is winning the game. Let’s see what’s coming next for us.