12 Cooking Hacks That Will Make Life Easier In The Kitchen

One of the most important essences of life is Food/Nutrition. You know its impossible to survive without it, leave survival, I can’t fast for a single day. So, it’s unthinkable for me.

And when it comes to food, I know fast food or ready to eat meal are tastier, easy and more convenient but home-cooked are the healthiest for obvious reasons. So, in order to make your cooking life easier, here are some quick methods people from Reddit are sharing that will surely save you time, space and energy at home while prepping your meal.

Let’s learn something new and useful because come on, we know we’re all lazy!



1. That is quite smart, trying this ASAP.


2. Insert a popsicle stick in your yogurt to get a frozen yogurt ice cream.


3. Wrapping your taco with spinach prevents the taco from falling off.


4. Poach an egg inside an onion ring and you’ll get a perfect sunny side up.


5. Storing your greens in a basket of tea towel in the fridge keeps it fresh for a longer time.


6. Hard butter can be melted if you apply it to your bread and leave it on top of the warm toaster.


7. Hard frozen butter? Pour boiling water into a glass, remove it and place the glass on top of the butter like this!


8. Save your fingers from a cut by sandwiching your cherry tomatoes with mini plates and slice them up like a pro.


9. This guy left his phone recording his boiling water so that he can facetime and check when its done from another room. Genius!


10. Pin up your frozen items on the grill counter inside your fridge to save more space.


11. You know, heating leftover pizzas in a pan over a stove is much easier and faster than using a microwave.


12. No more washing bowls, roll up the bottom part of your crispy packets and save water.



These are some pretty good hacks, I think anyone reading it will surely gain something new. Let’s hope that people share more cooking hacks and save us from the unhealthy frozen foods.

(h/t: TheSun)