14 Cool Gadgets So Awesome They Can Change Your Very Life!

If you are one of the crazy people always on a lookout for some cool gadgets that can make your lives easy, hello friend! You’re in luck today because what I’ve got you today is a list of some gadgets that are pretty small but hey, you’ll be amazed at the wonders they can work.

So, are you ready to wonder how you’ve been living without these beauties for so long?
Let’s start the fun with a cheer then, enjoy!


1. A soap shredder.

Yeah man, remember all the times when you were all soaped up and the bar just can’t keep from slipping and falling all the time! Though we won’t admit we’ve even lost quite a number of soap bars to the drains!

cool gadgets soap
No slipping..no falls…and a fabulous skin – that’s all!

2. When a charging socket is all you need to get by! 

When it comes to what are cool gadgets for the happy internet and cell phone addicts like you.No more trouble with the wires and you can keep your lifeline plugged in at every corner of the house .

cool gadgets wire
Because no matter where we are, we all deserve a plug for sure!

3. A waterproof music player!

Ah, everything I need to make my life complete – it doesn’t play music honey, but the sound of satisfaction!

cool gadgets speaker

4. Mop as you walk.

When the only thing you wanna do is have that walk to the fridge – cool gadgets like this one step in to save the day for you.

cool gadgets clean up
Why not have some cleanup as well while we walk, eh?

5. A pram you can paddle!

So do you feel that with all the wonders and wow of parenting, caretaking can suck at times because it needs you to play the responsible adult, eh!

cool gadgets fun
When caretaking goes all funny!

6. A pocket charger 

cool gadgets charge
Now we can’t lose the charge on our phones, right!

7. A mark for the true book lovers

When you’re a lover of words with all your heart, there’s no better gift to buy for yourself! After all, it’s never the last read page, but the very word that counts!

cool gadgets bookmark
Because it’s not just the page, the very word matters!

8. A ‘before you go’ reminder! 

cool gadgets remember
Well….someone’s got to remind us of it, right!

9. A little humidifier!

Your very own humidifier that you can just plug in whenever and wherever you want – now that’s a cool thing to have.

cool gadgets humidifier
your very own humidifier!

10. The pink piggy set!!!

cool gadgets pendrive

11. An air tight seal .

Does this mean you don’t have to finish an entire pack of chips in on go?

cool gadgets lays
Now we’re talking!

12. Wire separators 

This is what cool gadgets at their best look like – men at our rescue!

cool gadgets wires
The life savers you just gotta have!

13. An outlet cover night light

cool gadgets socket light
The best night light ever!

14. A wind protecting transparent bookmark! 

cool gadgets book cover
When it is a windy day!

Let’s give a cheer to the amazing http://www.pinterest.com/ for sourcing these cool images!