This Cosplayer Is Leaving The Internet Stunned By Her Phenomenal Looks

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as your favorite character from a movie, comic or anime. It is literally just “costume play”. Do not be fooled, however, cosplay is almost an art form already. The amount of skill and preparation needed to pull off a proper cosplay is astounding.

One example of that is Roxy Chan. She has been making waves all over the internet for her amazing cosplays.

A lot of people have questioned the provocative nature of her cosplays, but you do have to admit that she has an amazing level of skill. We also don’t comment on those issues. We have picked some of her best cosplays, so marvel at her skill.



1. Look at the hair… that is pretty cool.

2. The attention to detail is actually really cool.


3. We are all about expressing ourselves, but that probably isn’t the most comfortable beach attire.

4. How does she get her eyes so big?

5. Again, not the best outfit for the activity.

6. That make-up is supremely well done.

7. Best. Sleeping. Mask. Ever.

8. She literally looks like a different person.

9. Seems like a complicated way of lifting your mood, but okay.

10. Not getting all the references, but this cosplay is still very cool.

11. The contacts could have been a bit darker, but at this point, we are in no position to judge.

12. It is really quite amazing that just about every hair colour suits her.

Better late than never heard yesterday was happy best friend day and there's one dork that fits that description in the cosplay community 🤔 someone who pushed me to be as good as a crafter as I am today from my partner in crime! My favourite lesbian! My triforce hero! Or let be my favorite tsundere sister these past years have been full so many memories I don't have many close friends due to taking my time valuable and always crafting or working its hard to keep a friendship I always get misunderstood yet @missodango has always been patient with me she's a dear friend to me if anything a lost sister we love the same things its crazy how alike and similarities we had on our first Encounter! also put up with me making an entire costume the morning of con few times never again!! I'll stop being gross now till our next cosplay together~ #pokemon #legendofzelda #finalfantasyxiii #finalfantasy #squareenix #jessie #james #teamrocket #skywardsword

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13. This seems like a complicated, yet rewarding hobby.

14. Imagine how much time it takes to make those costumes. Seriously, some of the cosplayers have a future in costume design.

15. The posing also has to be done right.

16. And you get to wear pretty dresses.

17. At this point, we also want to be cosplayers.

18. Look how much fun it is!

19. You get to be a whole other person.

Don't be picky about your fruit INUYASHA SAY AHH!!! 👺 Wow small throwback its been about a little more than a year since we all cosplayed inuyasha had a little reminder on Google photos I never expected to do so many square enix cosplays last year I shifted so much after AX its funny to see the drastic change in a year This was a lot of fun with this crew especially this awesome mutt living as RL inuyasha 🐾 Hope to bring this girl back this year for a proper shoot she's a dear character to me, a simple school girl but one of the strongest characters the series had never got phased and kept going to do what she had to do! Inuyasha: @muttshouse Kagome: @princeroxychan #inuyasha #inuyashacosplay #anime #cosplay #kagome #kagomehigurashi #kagomecosplay

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20. It is probably a lot of effort, though…