The Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Any Character/Role Flawlessly

Dressing up as characters from cartoons, animes, movies, etc. seems quite interesting, don’t they? Because you get to see the fictional characters come to life and it’s like living in Disneyworld your whole life.

So, what do people who like Halloween and wearing costumes do for a living? Well, one thing’s for sure that Halloween comes only once a year, so this lot of people either end up in Hollywood or become a Cosplayer.

This young lady named, Alyson Tabbitha from Orlando Florida is a talented cosplayer who can transform herself into any character. She began playing with costumes at a young age and her mother use to custom made it for her. In 2004 she became a professional cosplayer and the rest is history.

Her works are spotless and flawless. So, let’s go ahead and see her creativity of seamless transformations.



1. Lestat from ‘Interview with a Vampire’.

2. Gaara from ‘Naruto’.


3. Captain Jack Sparrow from POTC quadrilogy.

4. Skeleton Dragon.

5. Leeloo from the ‘Fifth Element’.

6. The Female Titan (Megata no Kyojin) from ‘Attack on Titan.

7. Edward from ‘Edward Scissorhands’.

8. Yuna from ‘Final Fantasy’.

9. Vincent Valentine from ‘Final Fantasy’.

10. Widowmaker from ‘Overwatch’.

11. D.C’s Princess Diana from ‘Wonder Woman’.

Alyson also creates her own costumes in the most real-like way possible. The similarity in every detail is uncanny. It becomes like a souvenir.

Progress on #WonderWoman !!! ?❤️?? . This has been by far the hardest armor I ever made! It's far from perfect but I'm proud of it so far! The base of the breastplate is made of @treeflx , it was really easy to work with! . . Then I made patterns for the detailing and the rest of the armor, which was all created from craft foam and poster board. It was primed with Rustoleum spray paint then I sprayed the gold and silver parts then hand shaded and detailed the rest! . I still need to attach it all, make the skirt, shoes & accessories, but I am so happy with how it's turning out! . Very excited to finish this and shoot it! Wonder Woman is such and important iconic female super hero, and I fell like the movie portrayed her so well! . #wonderwomancosplay #dccosplay #justiceleague #justiceleaguecosplay #bvscosplay #wwcosplay #ww #wwdc #beforeaftercosplay #cosplay #cosplayprogress #paintjob #craftfoamarmor #foamarmor #cosplayarmor #treeflx

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You can see more of Alyson’s work here on her social accounts, alysontabbitha and also follow her on tumblr.

(h/t: EliteReaders)