22 Smart & Futuristic Inventions That Should Be Available Everywhere

The rising in Technology and Inventions has marvelously reached the edge of every mind that seeks the world to be a better place. What hasn’t it done to make our lives easier? If you think if it’s helping us, yes indeed it is, to the extent that we humans have become a living breathing zombies who are totally dependent on tech and trade. Though innovations have totally changed our lifestyle from the smallest matchbox to the latest creation Face-detecting systems in China which now authorize payments, provide access to facilities, and track down criminals.

There are also some smart domestic ideas and prep that doesn’t need much energy or resource but could do us a lot of favour in the everyday world. The minor issues that we tend to look away just because it’s a small petty situation, but fear not humans, the dawn of such solutions have come to the surface and all we can wonder is, “Why isn’t it putting into action in all nations?”

Hold that thought, and keep scrolling to be jaw-dropped by these smart-simple-inventions!



1. How convenient is this sticker that shows you the ripeness of avocados?

2. The receipt that shows you the nutrition levels of the food you order, we need this everywhere!


3. The drive comes with a passage that shows you how much storage it has consumed.

4. Now a parent and their baby can swing together.

5. Woah, when the bar has a frosty rail that lowers the temp of your drink for the night.

6. I’m just blown away by this elevator that has an umbrella that glows when it’s raining outside.

7. The highlighter that comes with a hollow passage to make what you’re highlighting visible.

8. Why don’t I own this measuring cup that comes with extra lines to indicate the levels while pouring it too?

9. Every tippler needs this coaster card that can show you if your drink has been altered.

10. This dentist has a “Where’s Waldo?” puzzle in his ceiling, how thoughtful!

11. If you love spice, you need this sauce bottle that can adjust the spiciness.

12. The picnic table that has custom-made seats for every member of the family.

13. The unwanted space in the bathroom door is finally sealed.

14. If I become the president one day, I’m installing this adjustment in every trial room.

15. The elevator that has buttons below, so no problem if your hands are full of groceries.

16. I need this, time telling pill bottle, shows you the last time you took a pill.

17. Find me the person who took the time organising this, he/she is an angel!

18. And just like that shopping became so much easier.

19. In this car washing parlour, they let you shoot soap while waiting, I’d definitely go even though I don’t own a car.

20. This airport provides short stories that are printable, no more boring airport life.

21. This elevator has a button down the hall so you can get a lift exactly when you reach the elevator, smart!

22. Lucky day for parents who can walk out in peace after checking out with their kids.

(h/t: BuzzFeed)