18 Creepiest Mysteries From The History That Are Yet To Be Solved

There are greater mysteries in the world than- Is Kylie Jenner really having a baby? Now, that’s one question we might never know answers to but there are other things as well that are such a mystery, you might lose all your cool.

Here we are with some of the unsolved and deadly mysteries which left the world with a gaping hole of what-the-heck-is that? You can’t keep your eyes off them and neither can you decide which person to grab who is willing to answer all the swirling questions in your head.

By the way, you are welcome.



1. Jim Templeton clicked a snap of his daughter but didn’t notice the weird spaceman figure behind her during that time.

It was only after the film was developed that he noticed the figure. Kodak even weighed in saying that the film wasn’t altered in any way.

2. In case, you are wondering this is a picture taken by a man named Gregor Sporri in 1985.


It’s a giant finger that’s thought to be of a 12 feet tall man. No one has been able to debunk this mystery.

3. As Cooper’s moved into their new place in Texas, they didn’t expect the picture to involve a man falling from the ceiling.

There’s no viable explanation for this.

4. There have been regular occurrences of white pixelated lights just above the ground level in Hessdalen Valley, Norway since 1940.

These lights have decreased in frequency from more than 20 times a week to only 10-20 times a year.

5. Robert Serrec snapped this picture resembling a giant snake in 1964.

No valid explanation has been found for the same.

6. This photo was taken during the opening ceremony of South Forks bridge in Canada.

Clicked in 1941, you will see a group of people dressed normally but on closer inspection, you will observe that the circled man is holding a modern camera and wearing glasses popular in this era.

7. There are tonnes of natural phenomenon around the world. However, while talking about this particular one- it is the ascend of red fireballs from water Naga lights over the Mekong River.

Going a few hundred miles above the ground, it gradually disappears into the air.

8. Diane and Peter Berthelot went to Worstead Church in Norfolk, the UK in 1975. Peter clicked Diane’s pictures sitting on the bench.

When the picture was developed, there was a woman sitting beneath her in a white dress. When they went back to the church- the local vicar told them that it was the ghost of a healer who was believed to haunt the church.

 9. Freddy Jackson died in an accident involving an airplane propeller and two days later this photograph was taken in which he was clearly visible.

Whenever this picture was developed, Jackson was in it as well.

10. One of the most famous mysteries of all time. You can clearly see a UFO-like saucer hovering above the ground level.

Even the man is staring at it.

11. A number of ghostly pictures can be explained as being a result of double exposure or any other kind of trickery but this shot has no viable explanation.

Captured by Reverend K.F. Lord, it is one of the most popular paranormal shots of all time.

12. February 1942, the Battle of Los Angeles took place which was supposedly an enemy attack and anti-aircraft artillery barrage…

Some modern UFO-logists say that the pictures of the supposed attack might actually show an extraterrestrial aircraft.

13. In 1968, Lady of Zeitoun was seen as a glowing figure hovering over the roof of St Mary church for a staggering period of two years.

There’s no valid explanation for the same.

14. The mystery of this woman in brown coat is still unsolved. She was very close to JFK when he was assassinated.

According to FBI, she might have been able to answer some critical questions related to that day but she was never found.

15. A boy sent this picture via text while he was on his hiking tour before disappearing.

A man can be seen hiding behind the bushed. Neither the man and nor the boy has been found till date.

16. Apparently, there is a satellite called Black Knight satellite which has been orbiting the Earth for 13,000 years.

Interestingly, no one knows where it came from or who named it Black Knight.

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