Depressed Man texts A Pasta Company for Consultation & their Response was totally Rejuvenating

Lucky are those who have friends and family to talk to or bond with during the times of despair. When we are in our prosperous state we seem to dilute our mind with earthly materials and beauty but when we break down, none of those matters, what matters is the people we care about and the same people caring for us.

Stress and depression is a common feature that everyone nowadays has, some get worse because they can’t control their minds while some are just better at hiding and covering up their problems. And the only thing that can cure a broken soul is one’s acceptation of their situation. First from within and then from the people around us, the only possible way of healing a mental break down.


A man struggling with depression found mental refuged in a pasta production company when he texted one of their employees.

It’s nothing quite like something you hear or see now and then. Normally the one in need of mental advice is supervised to seek therapies, counselors, etc. But here, the patient texted the employee named Sarah and that’s how it all started.

He texted her and in plain sight revealing that he is suffering from depression and needs to talk to someone.

Sarah confirmed that since it was work related she cannot talk about anything else, but the man was quick to explain his problem in a convenient way.

And Sarah was sweet enough to consider the man’s need for human contact and so she did reply with a positive text.

She says that mistakes are made by everyone and even if it’s the worse it can still be fixed if the person wants to be healed and get back up again.

When the man asked her how many chances a person can be given over and over, this is her reply:

Fortunately, the conversation helped the man and he decided to try it one more time in making his life work.

Sarah didn’t use big words but she managed to turn the mood around of a person in need which we don’t see anymore in this cruel and selfish world.

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Some think Sarah deserves a raise at her workplace.

Yes, to top it all, kindness is what we saw in this story. You see, everyone has their own definition of kindness, it’s all a speck of color that comes in the same rainbow. But what matters the most and my personal definition of kindness is showing love and care to a person without expecting anything in return, the purest form of all. And that is what we saw here, we are so proud of you Sarah, and hope that the man gets better.

(h/t: RearFront)