26 Totally Stupid Designs that might give Every Customer a Panic-Attack

If you thought designing is an easy task, it can get a bit out of hand at times. You will find yourself in the middle chaos. Not willing to succumb to the absurdity that is a failure, these people found ways to make it work somehow.

Okay, they couldn’t make it work. But at least they tried, and that’s all we can give them credit for. Because ultimately they ended up in a list titled ‘design fails’. You will not be able to stop yourself from giving out a bark of laughter.



1. When friendship means nothing to you.

2. The devil has sent a gift from hell.

3. The magic carpet will fly you to places.

4. Let the creepy dinosaur game begin.

5. Separating everything in a perfect way.

6. Hello to ‘Sat New Urd York Ays Sity’.

7. When you have too many windows in handy.

8. Whatever the chair says will become true.

9. This is what nightmares are made of.

10. This Non-stick Fry Pan got a sticker stick on it.


11. Mustard and ketchup bottles have never looked this pretty.

12. Shutterstock has to be everywhere.

13. When parents and kids have wine together.

14. Stating facts like this is their thing.

15. The bathroom should like someone has taken a dump in it.

16. American Assassin’s guy knows well what he is doing.

17. Throw an extra arm in the mix.

18. Woah! Those leggy legs are stunning.

19. Wedding cake for a couple which is destined to crash.

20. Bathroom door hacks right here.

21. So darn racist, we are speechless.

22. “Women’s shower has company logo at chest level.”

23. Let’s have fun in Vegas.

24. That’s not how dog’s ear/bones work.

25. “Literal crappy design from Victoria’s Secret.”

26. This flashlight has an ‘OFF’ and a ‘NO’ button.

(Source: CrappyDesign)