Dietitian And Mother Of Two Gets Shamed For The Lunchbox She Made For Her Kids

Eating healthy and having a clean diet has been a major change in the food consuming norm lately. People are getting health conscious, which is a good thing, I mean we should be taking care of our body not only on the outside but also from the inside and that is by maintaining a healthy regime with the food we consume every day.

But sometimes we need a break because it’s hard to manage and get everything perfect. Like when a mother fails to prepare the perfect lunch box for her kids, people tend to criticise her actions. Some of us just don’t get the time to push all the right buttons. And moreover, kids are kids, yeah they do need a safe diet but sometimes you just gotta let them be a kid.



This is Kate Save, a mother of two from Australia, who got criticised for the lunch box she packed for her kids.

Kate is a clinical dietician, the co-founder of BE Fit Food and the mother of Chloe, aged 5, and Mia, aged 6.

She says her kids are fussy when it comes to food and she has to think of healthy and tasty at the same time with a limited range of food items. But not everyone sees what goes around her kitchen and end up pointing fingers at her on her motherhood.

This is a Picture of the lunch she packed for her kids.

What could be so wrong with these food items, it looks healthy to me. The thing is Kate’s kids are very bland when it comes to their taste buds and are notoriously fussy eaters, so she tries her best on keeping their tummy filled at least with foods they actually love.

Who could possibly prepare a meal like this every morning, Gourmet chefs?

It came as a shock for Kate when she told Daily Mail Australia that, some parents shamed her at the school gates due to the lunch she prepares for her kids.

”Once people know you’re a dietitian people will ask “what does your kid have for lunch?”‘ she said. I tell them I give them what they’ll eat.To them, it might have looked as if I wasn’t making an effort as a parent.”

“If a child doesn’t eat and they’re a fussy eater, then you just need to make sure they’re getting something because their energy becomes the most important thing. At the end of the day, it’s not about individual meals or individual foods but it’s about balance.”


“One of my daughters literally cried when making cupcakes at her kindergarten recently because she thought she was going to be forced to eat one. I had staff and parents come up to me and question if she was allowed to have cake – of course, she is! It was so awkward trying to explain that she genuinely doesn’t like sugary foods.”

This action has become a tradition in groups of parents where at least one out of five parents get scrutinize on the food they let their kids have. People gotta stop criticising what goes in the tummy of their kids unless its plain toxic. We totally understand the situation where Kate is on and we give her all support on doing a great job at raising her kids.

(h/t: DailyMail)