An Artist Combined Disney Princesses And ‘The Notebook’ And The Results Are Magical

We all pretend we don’t love romantic movies, but deep down, we all wish we could have that level of passion in our lives. Now, even if you are a hardcore romance addict or the Grinch, you have watched all the Disney Princess movies and “The Notebook”. It’s like a law of physics or something. A right of passage, if you will. Now, what would happen if those two aspects were put together? We’d all die of cuteness or something. So, get ready for a level of romance you won’t see anywhere else.

Artist Isaiah Stephens has managed to blow all our minds with his beautifully combined illustrations. Are you ready for it? (Yeah, okay, we made a Taylor Swift reference, but have you heard that song yet? Absolute fire. You try and get it out of your head.)



1. We don’t know about you, but we don’t think Pocahontas would have been up for this. More like she would have given John Smith a weird look and gone bungee jumping or something.


2. We aren’t trying to stir up trouble, but why is Rapunzel’s hair in the water? Can you imagine what she must be catching?


3. This is cute and all, but where is the genie? He was the true star of that movie.

4. Bad choice man, we think Aurora would have been done with sleeping after her 100-year nap. Oh, wait… that’s not how the Disney movie goes. Our bad.

5. Hey! Eric, are you actually going to kiss the girl now or what?

6. I only have one problem with this. Where is Mushu?

7. I don’t think Kristoff ever had this level of passion in the movies.