26 DIY Engineering Dumps That Will Make You Laugh

Here are some whoa-worthy hacks to kickstart your day.This brilliant engineering life hacks for your car, household items and basic necessities will totally blow your mind!


1. This will always be a better option.

Use a broomstick to clean the max.

2. Fixing mirror has never been this easy.


When you got hand-held mirrors, you got nothing to lose.


3. Lock your car up the right way.

Just the way you lock your treasures.

4.Car meets wood! How extraordinary!

And voila! you own one of a kind car.

5. Alternate ways of retouch

A little craft never hurts.

6. This is called invention!

A unique car.

7. Another cool invention

Ever thought of it?

8. Just look at that!

Literally looks out of space!

9. Must try tip!

To make gaming easy

10. Sorting out the washing machine

And get it to work

11. Fix your vehicle without crawling underneath it

and make your job easier.

12. This is what I call genius!

Who would’ve thought of that!

13. For a comfy ride

Attach a nice chair to it.

14. In case there’s a zombie apocalypse, you will need this

a Zombie Headsmasher

15. Play billiards with an eagle eye

and win the most!

16. Make use of your Pringles containers

Works Perfectly

17. DIY headlights

Good use of torches

18. What better way than a use a bottle for your garden?

works even better!

19. When the handle is missing

Fix with a piece of wood

20. Make your own broomstick

using your encyclopedia or any book that you hate *winks!*

21. Missing a wheel?

No problem! Get your friend to do this

22. The Hot water hack

looks so effortlessly easy

23. Get your plug working proper


24. Shop easy

or rather the right way

25. Is that door for late students?

26. Seems legit.

So which one is your favorite hack?

(h/t: Imgur)