Insane Theory Discussed By A Male Doctor Comparing Menstrual Pain to A Heart Attack

  1. “Duh” Moment After A Male Doctor Compares Menstrual Pain To A Heart Attack
  2. Women Are Having A “Heart Attack” Per Month According To A Doctor Who Says That Menstrual Pain Is As Painful As A Heart Attack
  3. Insane Theory Discussed By A Doctor Who Believes That Menstrual Pain Is As Painful As A Heart Attack

Being a lady myself, the memory of cramps during those days of the month is not a welcomed one. Not only is the pain excruciating but the species of the opposite gender refuse to consider it as something ‘worth the fuss’. But guess what? Someone has validated period cramps. On top of it, that someone is male.

John Guillebaud who is a medical doctor and professor of reproductive health at University College London did a research on it. He even said that thee menstrual cramps as being “almost as painful as a heart attack.”

After being treated as an ‘eye-rolling’ thing, we have always been very hesitant to tell anyone about our pain. After John Guillebaud validated menstrual cramps, women on twitter are having a ‘duh’ moment.

I sit here munching on snacks and screaming inside because no one wants to see a woman’s breakdown while her periods get validated.


There have been so many reactions to this research.

Sadly, people didn’t realize it already.

Then, there were people who stated hardcore facts for the world to read.

Oh damn! I feel you, woman.

The pain is subjective to the individual who is feeling it, but it definitely can get very bad with time.

That’s one heck of a true thing.

But most of all, this is what it boils down to.

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