Dog with A Human Face is Going Viral and People are Linking him To Celebrities

A cute dog went viral on the internet after people realized that he has a human face. They couldn’t contain themselves when they saw Yogi, who belongs to Chantal Desjardins, from Massachusetts in the US.

Yogi turned into a star overnight after his picture went viral as heck. A friend of the owner’s friend shared his picture on Reddit. Users were obviously shocked at the similarity between the pup and human face and they were quick to point it out

People were convinced that his big brown eyes and bearded face are of a man we all know.



Let’s have a look at the face that prompted twitteratis to go gaga.

Some humans don’t look as human as this dog does.

Some said that he looks very similar to Oscar winner Jake Gyllenhaal.

And Mr. Gyllenhaal wasn’t the only one who was brought in for the comparisons. There were a whole lot of other celebs on the list.

Paul Rudd was the next in line to the throne for Yogi-lookalike.

The people couldn’t stop themselves from bringing their own perspective about the topic into this twitter war.

Ed Sheeran was another famous celeb who was compared to Yogi.

‘Probably has a lot to do with close-cut hair around the eyes, especially the brow and snout. Eyebrows are actually one of the most identifiable parts of the human face.’ One Reddit user commented.

People were quite fascinated by Yogi. Anthony Hopkins is another celeb who ended up on the list.

They can’t stop. And they won’t stop.

The charming men swooped into the twitter rage like anything. No matter if they signed up for it or not.

Our own spidey was part of the Yogi-army.

Look at that beard, definitely reminds me of someone.

So which celebrity do you think Yogi looks like?

(h/t: DailyMail)