12 Dogs’ Stories proving their Loyalties towards Human are Worth A Million

It is not a new story to say that a dog is the most loyal creature known to mankind. When we go down the line of history thousands of years back, it is believed that dogs evolved from wolves when humans were hunter-gatherers, wolves would protect the humans from the wild in return for food and the rest is history. Fast forward to this day, though it sounds cliché to consider dogs as exceptionally loyal, especially to people – it’s utterly true.

Dogs are like humans, creatures who seek for love and affection, they just want to be loved by someone and share their lives with. And once they receive it, loyalty is just one of the many ways they love back. Here are some of the exceptional cases of canines and the inspiring stories of their loyalty towards their masters.


1. Sammy is a 7 months old Dalmation, one day when the owner and Sammy went out for a walk, the dog rushed to an alley saving a 6-year-old child from a pack of stray dogs.


2. Seven-year-old Tommy is a German Shepherd dog who attends the church every day regularly since his owner’s funeral.


3. Zander is a white husky who missed his owner so much that he tracked down in which hospital he was admitted and went to visit him.

4. Dasher, a German shepherd was found guarding his owner’s 2-year-old toddler who was missing for 14 hours.

5. This German Shepherd saved his 63-year-old owner from taking her own life. The dog jumped at her before she almost shot herself.

6. Dorado the Labrador who came back to rescue his blind owner during the 9/11 attack.

7. A cairn terrier mix was found sitting beside his owner’s dead body for 12 hours after a hit-and-run case in Santa Cruz, California.

8. A loyal German shepherd leads the rescuers to his owner’s accident scene.

9. Capitan is a German Shepherd who ran away from home to his master’s grave and stayed there for 6 years.

10. 60-year-old man’s dog stayed with his owner for 30 mins when he fell through a thin ice while hunting for ducks.

11. Abby is a Labrador that likes to wear her owner’s pajama whenever she’s not around the house. Abby loves to cuddle with them when she misses her owner.


12. The unnamed dog has been sitting outside Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in São Paolo, Brazil, for 4 months waiting for his homeless owner who died in the hospital during treatment after being stabbed in a heated discussion.

Cristine Sardella

13. Dog saves a 14-month-old boy from drowning in the family pool by jumping in and balancing him on his back.

(h/t: hrtwarming)