Twitter Breaks Down After Just ‘Emily’ Shares Her Christmas Family Photo

It’s that time of the year again. We all can hear the bells ringing and the happiness filling the air as if it’s contagious. We all love the festive season and there is no denying this fact. As all are already aware of the tradition of sharing cards among the people during this time, people have also started to share some on the social media platform- twitter using the hashtag #humblebrag and hence, bragging to the fellow humans about the good thing happened during this year and the better things they are expecting in the following one.

One of the similar instances occurred to Emily Seawright who instead of whining about being very single and child-free, decided to blend a little fun to the fact.


She shared her family’s warming holiday picture with everyone.

As you can see, one of her siblings is expecting and the other one is engaged and then there are her parents who are excited. But Emily is Emily and no none can stop Emily from being Emily.

This is what Seawright family’s holiday card will look like. It’s safe to say that many people are with Emily on her singlehood as she announces 2017 has brought no big changes in her life.

There were people who advised alternate sign options for her.


It’s not like they are not crying on the inside.

Mine too.

There were others who photoshopped their way into the family picture.

Sharing their own version of ‘Emily’ moment.

It’s being said.

For the record, there s nothing wrong with Emily’s way of life. She can choose whatever she wants or choose whoever she wants to be- single, engaged, married but the way she pokes fun at herself makes her simply the best.

Never. Stop. Being. Emily.